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Experimenting with Your Habits

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." ----Aristotle.

People dislike uncertainty, so they are more comfortable to decide to fully run with plausible likelihoods of success in building an important habit. Is this wrong? Maybe, it is when the overall picture is clouded and the goals are too broad you are likely to stay in limbo and the outcomes can't be measured. I have developed a means to discover what habits work for me and don't.

Keep your goals short and look for feedback. Establish a measurable point of confidence level through your observations that the habits you are developing are paying off. I use a 75% level of confidence to examine the effectiveness of my new habits and a thirty-day time frame. Allow your new habits to develop deep roots. Ask others you trust to give you feedback about changes they see in your behavior.

If you are going down a blind alley stop and reassess your actions. So if my habits just weren't getting me the results I sought I replaced them. Life is not static, so experiment; it is your life.

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