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Golf can drive you crazy or be a great learning tool

If anything is a metaphor in life it is golf with its pain, and instant feedback.

Today I played golf with two friends and it reminded me of a quote from Richard G. Scott, “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.” 

If my friends and I were playing against each other I would have been the worst player in the group, but I only care about my own learning not how I compare against anyone else. There will always be people better than you in something but so what.

Each shot I took represented a new chance to get a little better in my game and I relished it. My chip shots were terrible but I kept at it until finally they got better.

Doing something just a little bit better gives you confidence to keep trying. I could see one of my friends I shared my philosophy with  hit one of the most beautiful drives. He credited it to only trying to improve himself and not worrying about what others think.

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