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Teaching Others

"When one teaches, two learn."

----Robert Half

We all have heard of this principle but do we apply it? I like to tell the people I mentor that they are vessels full of information, and do not worry about being judged; it is the information that is important.

You can relax and provide information in a supportive manner. You never want to come as you are trying to have the person feel you are talking down to them.

The best people I work with are good listeners, and pace their presentations at a speed the listener is comfortable with mastering. The eyes of the learner are a great way to see if the listener heard you.

You should also ask qualifying questions like:

"I went over that fast, what points did you pick up?"

"Based on what I said can you give me an example of how you might apply it?"

"From your past experience, do you see any flaws in what I said?"

Try it and see if it works for you.

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