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What is Great Learning

I ask this question to everyone I start coaching. Can you look back and see everything you accomplished, or are too rooted in what you haven't? Picking the right actions to learn the information you need is no small challenge, so what should you learn?

Learning can't be separated from the real world, no matter how fancy the delivery package. Videos, zoom calls, online courses are useless unless you have empirical proof the intervention has worked for others.

You must stay one step ahead of the game; never have others force you to make choices about what to learn. As Mark Mobius said, "The only way to consistently stay ahead of the game is to adopt a long-term view and, if appropriate, with a strong contrarian spin."

Why a contrarian spin? Taking a contrarian stance allows testing the validity of what you are learning. I press the people I coach to always challenge me in what I am espousing. It makes for lively discussions, not cookbook acceptance of a concept.

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