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An Intense, Ruthless Need to Win

That drive is the starting point. Without it you won’t be willing to make all those sacrifices. The best poker players are like Larry Bird, a member of basketball’s Hall of Fame. Red Auerbach, his coach, once said, “Larry doesn’t come to play. He comes to win.”

Poker winner’s competitiveness is almost unrelated to what the money will buy. They need to win, not so that they can buy more toys, but because they define themselves by how much they win

They are also more ruthless than intense competitors in most games because poker is a negative-sum game. Business, the stock market, real estate, and many other “games,” are partly win-win, but poker is purely win-lose. Your profits always come at someone else’s expense.

Poker is much tougher than most win-lose games because they are zero-sum, but—because of the house’s charges—the winners’ profits are always less than the loser’s losses. Unless you ruthlessly seek and exploit edges, those charges will eat you up.

Poker is also a predatory game. All successful predators follow a simple rule: attack the weakest, most vulnerable prey. You make most of your money, not by outsmarting the better players, but by exploiting the weaker ones. It’s the exact opposite of the values you have been taught: Be honest. Fight fair. Pick on somebody your own size. Be gentle toward the weak.



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